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Basement Bathroom Ideas

Interested in adding a bathroom to your basement? Adding a bathroom can help complete a finished basement and prove to be very convenient. Below is a comprehensive guide to basement bathroom installations including benefits, pricing details, and more.

Green basement bathroom remodel

About Basement Bathrooms

An additional bathroom is a great way to add value to your home, especially if you are adding one on a floor that does not already have an existing bathroom. A basement bathroom is generally a less expensive project than a new ground level bathroom that requires adding square footage to the home. This is because the basement is “found space,” as opposed to an addition that would require additional flooring and roofing as well.

Designing a Basement Bathroom

Determine scope with design first. Knowing what kind of layout you want and what kind of fixtures are included in your new bathroom will help you constrain your budget and give your general contractor or subcontractors a cohesive vision to work with. For example, if space is tight, opt for a comfortable half bath or three quarter bath with a standing shower rather than trying to make a tub work in an uncomfortable space. Small bathrooms still add a lot of value to your home.

Part of this process will be working with a professional to understand what drainage options are compatible with your upper level sewage system and local building codes. These factors will influence the types of toilets and other plumbing aspects that you can include in your design. Some types of toilets that may work better in basement level bathrooms are pressure-assisted, composting, sewage-ejector, or up-flushing toilets, rather than traditional plumbing systems that rely on gravity to flush waste and are sometimes incompatible with basement bathroom additions.

Key Considerations

  • A new bathroom must at minimum be 36-40 sq ft
    • 5’ x 8’ is a common dimension
  • Determine scope with design first: this will influence the nitty gritty details of plumbing and space utilization
  • Give attention to lighting
    • Basement spaces are limited in what natural light they receive, so careful lighting choices can turn even the darkest cave into a bright and luxurious space
  • Cost: the average basement bathroom addition is $10,000-$15,000
    • Dependent on size, proximity to existing plumbing, quality of finishes, labor, among other factors
    • Building under an existing bathroom on the ground level will save time and money

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