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Powder Room Remodel Ideas

While small, half bathrooms serve an important purpose and can be very elegant spaces in a home. Also known as powder rooms, half bathrooms are typically used by both residents and guests alike due to their (often) central location. Remodeling your powder room is a great opportunity to showcase your personal style, whether its through detailed lighting fixtures or ornate tiling.

Half bathroom with tile floor remodel

Designing Your Powder Room Remodel

While the small size of your powder room may seem like it hinders your ability to be creative, it actually does the opposite. Since the space is so small, this is a great chance to splurge on more luxurious materials, as you'll need very little of them. If you're looking to add marble countertops or rich wood cabinets to your house, this is the space to do so.

As your powder room will often be used by guests, go big to make a strong impression. Don't hesitate to install a stunning glass vessel sink or hang an eye-catching work of art. In this small space, every fixture matters.

The following are some other design suggestions to consider:

  • Install a fan for ventilation
    • While building codes don't require a fan if you have a large enough window, it's still an important feature to include, as many half bathrooms are located near living areas
  • Avoid cabinet-style sink bases as they can feel overwhelming and take up a large amount of space in a small room
    • Instead, opt for pedestal-style sink bases
  • Install large tiles, which can make the space seem larger
  • Use light, neutral colors
    • Dark colors can make the space seem even smaller

Powder Room Remodel Costs

Half bathrooms are on the cheaper side of all bathroom remodels, due to their small space and limited fixtures. The typical price for this type of project is between $1,000 and $6,000.

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