About the Andersen 400 Series Picture Window


The 400 Series are the most popular windows line from Andersen, which has a long-lasting reputation for dependable products and craftsmanship. The 400 Series picture window delivers an exceptional combination of beauty and performance with a wide variety of options to fit your style. Rated a Consumers Digest Best Buy, the positive reviews for this product are overwhelming. Made of wood protected by a vinyl exterior, it's Andersen’s best-selling picture window.

Homeowners recommend Andersen more than any other brand. Contractors, the people whose reputations depend on the windows they use, buy and install Andersen more than any other brand for 20 years in a row.


Picture Window Advantages

Stationary. The window does not open so there’s no safety concerns with this style.

Larger sizes. Vented windows need to function (moving a sash up and down) so they have limits with their sizing for balance. Picture windows do not have those limitations so they can be customized to allow in more sunlight.

Combine styles and maximize your view. Place two or more picture windows in a row will maximize any home’s views. Try a double hung window on either side of a picture window to allow for light & air to enter a room. The options are endless.


Andersen 400 Series Picture Window Price

This Andersen window has a standard installed cost of about $975. A “standard” window is white with no gridlines and high performance Low E4 glass panes. 


Andersen 400 Series FAQs

What other  400 series windows styles does Andersen manufacture?

Andersen manufactures the 400 series window in a variety of styles, including the Tilt Wash, Woodwright, Casement, 2-Lite Casement, Bow, Awning, and Mulled Units.

What’s the difference between the Andersen 400 Series and Andersen 100 Series?

The Andersen 100 series is the entry level window line from Andersen. The 400 Series is a bit more expensive and uses Fibrex material that is 2X more durable than vinyl.

How long will it take to install my new picture window?

Depending on the number of windows we install, the project will take no more than 2 days, but most projects take 1 day or less.