About Cedar Impressions Siding


Timeless. Elegant. Perfection. Cedar Impressions siding recreates the look of natural cedar shingle siding without the painting and high expense needed for real wood.

The patented TrueTexture finish molded from real cedar shingles makes Cedar Impressions ideal for any home. The designer color palette offered by CertainTeed should help match the shingles to any home, or start anew and change the entire look of your house. Clean edges and smooth lines complement the distinctive beauty of natural wood textures and create a refined look once reserved for the finest homes.

Real cedar shingles are one of the most expensive siding materials, and must be stained or bleached regularly to prevent discoloration over time. Cedar Impressions offers an alternative that requires very little maintenance, resists damage from mold, mildew and pests, and significantly reduces long-term costs.




Why choose vinyl siding?

It's affordable. The cost savings of vinyl siding over wood siding or any other material are high - in fact it’s almost half what you’d pay for wood.

It's extremely versatile and low-maintenance. One of the major benefits of vinyl is there’s no need to paint your home, ever again. It resists pesky pets and termites. It will never rot. A quick wash once per year (to remove mildew and dirt) will keep the siding looking new for a long time. This saves from unexpected home costs and you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

It's more durable than other options. Heavy wind, rains, hail, and extreme sun will not affect the look or integrity of your siding. In many cases, the warranty of this type of siding lasts upwards of 50 years to a lifetime. The chemistry of vinyl siding makes it much harder to ignite and easier to extinguish. Despite claims to the contrary, the smoke is not any more toxic than wood.


Cedar Impressions FAQs

Does a siding project have a strong ROI at resale?

Yes, new vinyl or polymer siding typically nets 81% ROI at the home’s resale.

How well do Cedar Impressions shingles hold up against tough weather?

Cedar Impressions has reinforcing ribs on nail slots and lock tabs for improved strength. Ribs on the back of the panels provide structural stability for added protection against warping and distortion.


CertainTeed Siding Pros and Cons


  • CertainTeed offers aesthetically appealing products that are still budget friendly
  • Vinyl siding is one of the most durable and long lasting options on the market
  • The product is easy to install
  • CertainTeed vinyl siding is a sustainable and safe material choice


  • Vinyl siding shows dents and imperfections more easily
  • Vinyl is less insulating than other building materials, so your current home insulation is a variable to consider when choosing your new siding


Colors, Finishes, and Options

  • Cedar Impressions features realistic molded shingles to imitate more expensive and less durable wood shingles
  • Available in the exact specifications of the size and style of your home
  • Available in 7” or 5” boards (with time for you to change your mind before installation)
  • Thirty color choices ranging from a classic Natural Clay to a bold Bermuda Blue, allowing maximum adaptability to your tastes
  • Options between traditional corner posts or a seamless shingles all the way to the corner
  • The opportunity for new gutters included in your installation


About CertainTeed

CertainTeed leads the industry with a vast selection of sizes, colors, and finishes for siding that will compliment the personalized style of your home with ease. CertainTeed is committed to developing sustainable products that outperform wasteful aluminum and natural building materials. CertainTeed’s vinyl siding will never require a fresh coat of paint and needs only minimal maintenance, allowing you an environmentally friendly and easy choice for your home improvement. Whether you want captivating curb appeal or a large return on investment later, CertainTeed siding is a smart choice for your home.

Cedar Impressions vinyl siding stands apart from other products with its TrueTexture™ likeness to real cedar shingles. CertainTeed also presents the unparalleled opportunity for you to choose between thirty color options. Individual shingles are a durable .100” thickness and possess high value in fire safety with a class 1(A) fire rating, which is the most resistant to flame spreading.



CertainTeed Cedar Impressions Cost

Although the exact cost will vary depending on a large number of factors (square footage, style chosen, extra labor, etc.), CertainTeed Cedar Impressions is typically installed for around $1150 per 100 square feet.