About Harvey Basement Windows


Basement egress or "hopper" windows are almost always used in basements and open inwards from the top. They work this way to avoid accidental damage from the outside and to keep water out.

The Harvey Classic vinyl hopper window is custom made, delivers excellent performance and offers a variety of styles, colors and options to meet the needs of your replacement window project


Pros and Cons


  • Hopper windows, like casement windows and awning windows press against the frame when closed and generally create a more effective seal. That makes them energy-efficient in any climate.
  • Though hopper windows aren’t very difficult to get open, they simply aren’t very big in most instances. That means that they aren’t a security risk like some taller windows.
  • Hopper windows are excellent at reducing humidity in areas of your home like basements and bathrooms. Even though the windows are small in size, they work very well for ventilation.


  • Since hopper windows open up inwards from the bottom, they can allow water to enter into the home if left open during the rain.
  • It can be difficult to cover up hopper windows with blinds or a window treatments due to the way they open and close. This can cause limited privacy for the space and offers visibility into the room from the outside.



The Harvey Classic vinyl hopper window's sleek fully welded sash and frame design provides an air-tight seal keeping water and wind outside. We automatically include the ENERGY STAR® qualified glazing upgrade with Low-E coating and Argon gas. Other features include:

  • Includes fiberglass screen
  • Double locks standard on opening widths of >= 30-1/4”
  • Option for 4 ¼” dryer vent hole
  • Comes in white and almond
  • Available in a variety of grid configurations and options including 5/8” or 1” contoured GBG (grids between the glass)
  • Lifetime limited transferrable manufacturer's warranty on unit and mechanical parts with a 20-year warranty for the insulated glass


About Harvey Building Products

All Harvey Building Products (based in Waltham, Massachusetts) are custom made in the US and are available in a variety of colors and options. They come with industry-leading warranties and thermal performance, and are a popular choice for homeowners seeking a well-constructed windows and patio doors custom made for their home.


Harvey Classic Vinyl Hopper Cost

The Harvey Basement Hopper Window is typically installed for around $475. The total price may increase or decrease based on selected attributes during the planning process.