About Harvey Majesty Bow Window


Bow windows add a dramatic appearance to a room and have flexible configuration options. Unlike a bay window, bow windows include individual windows which are all the same size. Like bays, they project out of the wall providing an opportunity for additional light and a more spacious feel. They can also be customized in many ways, including integrated lighting, window types and different roof kits.

The Harvey Majesty wood bow window is custom made to fit virtually any opening, delivers excellent performance and offers a variety of styles, colors, and options to meet your needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Bow windows extend the length of a room by about three feet. They are huge!
  • These windows bring in lots of natural light due to their size. Brighten up any room.
  • They add major value to your home. Potential homebuyers love a large bow window, and will pay a premium to get one. They bring instant curb appeal.


  • With a larger window, you’ll have less privacy from the street. Make sure you’re comfortable with a large window and potential onlookers.
  • Window treatments are difficult to find (like curtains) due to the cornered nature of this unit.
  • It’s a very expensive price point for a window.
  • Poor installation can lead to major energy-efficiency problems.


About Harvey Building Products

All products from Waltham, MA-based manufacturer Harvey Building Products are custom made in the US and are available in a variety of colors and options. They come with industry-leading warranties and thermal performance, and are a popular choice for homeowners seeking a well-constructed windows and patio doors custom made for their home.


Harvey Majesty Bow Pricing

The Harvey Majesty Bow Window is typically installed for about $6000. The total price may increase or decrease based on selected attributes during the planning process.