Picture replacement windows are the centerpieces of many rooms and can range in size from small to monster. Many times these windows are flanked by casements or double hungs for an even more dramatic feature.

About Majesty Picture Windows

The Harvey Majesty wood picture window is custom made, delivers excellent performance and offers a variety of styles and options to meet your needs. Our review will explore pricing, pros and cons, and warranty information to help you find the perfect product for your window replacement.


Pros and Cons


  • These large windows let in more light than most other styles - that will reduce the need for indoor lighting and may lower electric bills.
  • Since these windows do not open, they have tight seals which make them energy efficient.
  • Picture windows are fairly easy to clean from indoors.
  • Fixed windows do not have mechanical parts that need to be replaced when they fail. This is why they generally cost less than similarly-sized sliding or casement windows.


  • Since you can’t open a picture window, there’s less ventilation than other types. Picture windows might not be great for homeowners that prefer a nice cool breeze.
  • While picture windows are generally energy-efficient, the fact that they let in a lot of light may also mean unwanted solar heat gain.
  • Picture windows’ large glass area can mean a greater breakage risk in certain environments.
  • Cleaning is both a pro and a con for this type of window. Their lack of moving parts makes them fairly easy to clean, but only from indoors. Cleaning a picture window from outside is another matter and can be especially tricky if it is installed on an upper floor.


Warranty Information

If your contractor is a Harvey Elite Dealer, you will receive a lifetime warranty on the entire product - including glass seal and breakage. If ordered through another contractor, Harvey still offers a great warranty: 20 years on the glass, and lifetime for parts.


About Harvey Building Products

All Harvey Building Products (based in Waltham, Massachusetts) are custom made in the US and are available in a variety of colors and options. They come with industry-leading warranties and thermal performance, and are a popular choice for homeowners seeking a well-constructed windows and patio doors custom made for their home.


Majesty Picture Windows Pricing

The Harvey Majesty Picture Window is typically installed for about $860 per window. The total price may increase or decrease based on selected attributes during the planning process.