HardiePlank® lap siding is the best-selling product from the leader in fiber cement siding, combining high performance with beautiful, classic design. Installed on more than 5.5 million homes from coast to coast, all styles are specially engineered for their climate zone and can come either primed or with baked-on ColorPlus® technology.


About HardiePlank Fiber Cement Siding

If you’re looking for superior durability and the timeless look of woodgrain without the maintenance, James Hardie is the perfect siding choice. Compared to other siding materials, fiber cement products stand up to weather, moisture, heat and insects like no other siding can.


With Hardie’s exclusive ColorPlus® Technology, multiple coats of color are baked onto the board in a controlled factory environment and a proprietary finish is applied, designed to resist UV rays so that your color will stay vibrant for longer. You can choose from a curated selection of stunning exterior colors, or you can have your siding primed to be painted later.


HardiePlank® comes in multiple width options and is available in both Smooth and Select Cedarmill finishes.


Why choose Hardieplank fiber cement siding?

Long life span. An industry leader in longevity, fiber cement siding lasts over 50 years. The combination of cost, durability, and environmental impact makes this material more popular with homeowners.

The look of real wood. Wood can rot. Wood can be eaten by bugs. Wood can warp. Wood needs expensive paint jobs every few years. Fiber cement gives you all the aesthetic benefits of wood, with none of the headaches.

Versatility. James Hardie offers dozens of different colors and styles for their Hardieplank line. Mix and match the options on Renoviso.com to create your dream siding project.

Straight installation. Installing fiber cement takes a bit longer than vinyl alternatives because you need to measure each placement, but it also ensures the rows are being put on straight.


Pros and Cons:


  • Fiber cement siding lasts over 50 years
  • Fiber cement gives you all the aesthetic benefits of wood, with none of the headaches from rot, insect damage, or expensive paint jobs later on
  • James Hardie siding products are tested to perform in extreme heat or cold and withstand impact from hail or other debris


  • James Hardie is a luxury brand, but steeper prices pay off with quality materials, a beautiful and long lasting renovation, and a large return on investment at resale


Colors, Finishes and Options:

  • Available in the exact specifications of the size and style of your home
  • Options for a smooth finish or the Select Cedarmill finish that imitates the texture of real wood
  • James Hardie offers numerous standard colors as well as 700 premium Dream Package options
  • Various width styles are available to adapt to your exact tastes
  • Includes a customizable trim package
  • Ability to include new gutters in your installation


About James Hardie Siding

HardiePlank lap siding is a sleek and elegant siding choice that imitates cedar planks and possesses numerous features that add value to your renovation. James Hardie is an industry leader with 50+ years of longevity in siding products, and the combination of cost, durability, and environmental impact makes fiber cement popular with homeowners. James Hardie fiber cement planks are five times thicker than traditional vinyl siding, improving insulation and creating a more realistic woodgrain effect. In the case of a fire, noncombustible James Hardie products are recognized as some of the safest options by fire departments nationwide.


HardiePlank Pricing

Hardieplank siding with installation costs about $1400 per 100 square feet.