About the Pella Impervia Slider Window

Slider windows are great for areas where you want lots of ventilation and light. Slider windows typically come in 2 or 3 lite configurations, which means they are two or three windows, but it’s all one sturdy unit.

The Pella Impervia Series fiberglass composite slider window delivers the quality look of a painted wood window, superior durability, low maintenance, and incredible energy efficiency.

The Impervia line windows are made from Pella’s patented Duracast fiberglass composite. These aerospace-grade materials are strong, durable, and withstand extreme conditions easily. The highly stable material won't expand, warp or sag in summer heat, or shrink and turn brittle in harsh winter conditions.


Details and Attributes

Pella Impervia sliding windows feature a low-maintenance, factory-applied powder-coat paint finish in White, Tan, Morning Sky Gray, Brown or Black. The paint finish resists chalking and fading, even in dark colors.

Energy-efficiency is paramount. Pella Impervia sliding windows are available in a number of insulating glass options, including SunDefense, Obscure, Tempered, among others. The glass is pumped with argon gas. Pella's Low-E glass options reduce the transmission of solar heat gain and ultraviolet light while allowing the transmission of visible light.

These windows are available with a range of hardware options and finishes like surface-mounted sash locks and nylon roller housings.


Sliding Window Advantages

Here are some aspects that make sliding windows so popular:

Unobstructed Views. Much larger than double hungs, sliding windows horizontal windows provide a more natural look at the outside world. The larger size creates more light and better ventilation.

Low Maintenance. With less parts and pieces, there’s less cleaning or dusting necessary. Less potential issues. Properly installed sliders should last for many years without giving you any problems.

Easy Operation. Slider windows are opened with the push of a finger. There’s less internal mechanisms to hinder the process, and you’ll love how simple it is to let air and light into the room.


Pella Sliding Window FAQs

What’s the difference between Pella Impervia vs. Pella 350 Series?

Pella Impervia is made of Duracast fiberglass composite material, while Pella 350 is made of traditional vinyl.

In what room does a sliding window look best?

Anywhere you want a simple function window that also needs airflow. Sliding window are great in the bathroom or kitchen where a smaller window is needed.

Does this window come with a warranty?

Pella products are backed by some of the best warranties in the business.


Pella Impervia Fiberglass Sliding Window Price

The cost of each window or door can vary significantly based on many factors, such as your choice of size, frame material, glass type, finish options, etc. The standard window is installed for about $900.