While the iPhone camera becomes more advanced each year, it has yet to match the skillful eye and ability that a professional photographer possesses. We're a home improvement company that understands the power of a professional 'before & after' shot. We're lucky to have worked with some incredible artists over the years who documented our exterior & interior remodels.

To help you find the perfect photographer for your needs, we've combed through the many that work in New England and compiled a list  of the most talented photographers in the area. These shutterbugs are passionate about taking timeless and authentic photos that record memories for a lifetime. Whether you have a major event coming up or just want some solo shots, these 19 photographers will capture your moment perfectly. The following winners are listed in no significant order:


1. Philbrick Photography

Philbrick Photography is composed of husband and wife Jay and Vicki Philbrick and operates out of North Conway, NH and Gloucester, MA. The couple helps clients reach new heights (literally) through their photography: many of their photo sessions involve scaling cliffs to achieve the perfect shot. The resulting photos are nothing short of breathtaking.



2. Meg Haley Photographs

Meg Haley has a deep appreciation for the value of a photograph, a quality which is reflected clearly in all of her work. She is based out of Easthampton, MA but loves to travel, so will meet clients wherever she's needed.



3. Shannon Grant Photography

Shannon Grant has been in the photography business for over ten years, so she know what it takes to create the perfect photo. Working all throughout the New England area, she specializes in wedding photography and is skilled at making her subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera.



4. Lisa Rigby Photography

After stepping aside from the art world for a decade-long career in communications, Lisa Rigby rediscovered her love for photography. Her art education is apparent in her work, in which she captures beautiful details in each of her subjects.



5. Dana Siles Photography

Dana Siles puts great care into every photo she takes, ensuring that her clients receive quality and timeless pieces. She is based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and loves using photography to make others happy.



6. Kate L Photography

Boston based family photographer Kate loves being there to capture precious family memories. She sees and photographs the beauty in every part of childhood, and has received numerous awards as a result.

© Kate L Photography | www.katelphotography.com


7. Beth Ann Fricker Photography

Photographs not only record moments, but more importantly, they capture memories. This concept guides Beth Ann Fricker in her work as a newborn and family photographer in the Boston area, resulting in beautiful and sentimental photos.



8. Katie Noble Photography

With her start as a photo editor for Travel + Leisure magazine, Boston-based photographer Katie Noble has learned the art of storytelling through photos. Whether she is photographing a wedding, lifestyle or family photo session, Katie knows how to makes great use of natural lighting and colorful details to create the perfect photo.



9. Esther Mathieu Photography

Esther Mathieu discovered her passion the moment she picked up a camera, and has been running her Rockport, MA based photography company for six years. She photographs a wide range of occasions, from elopements to senior portraits.



10. JDN Photography / Runaway Bride

Jonathan Nimerfroh is the photographer behind both JDN Photography and Runaway Bride, which is evidence to his wide range of photography skills. The Nantucket photographer was recently the subject of viral fame due to his "Slurpee Wave" photos, but he is also a skilled wedding and lifestyle photographer.



11. Audrey Cutler Photography

Audrey and Cody, the couple behind Audrey Cutler Photography, work hard to capture the true personality of their photo subjects and love telling stories through photography. They work throughout Southern New England taking wedding and lifestyle photos.

© Audrey Cutler Photography | www.audreycutlerphotography.com


12. Shane Godfrey Photography

Shane Godfrey values the beauty in a candid photo, an important quality in a wedding photographer. Based in Boston, his images capture the all memories and emotions of the moment.



13. Sandra Costello Photography

With a website full of inspiring quotes, Sandra Costello's desire to create an uplifting experience is clear. The joy on her subjects' faces is also evidence to the positive photography experience created by this Massachusetts photographer.

© Sandra Costello Photography | www.sandralovesyou.com


14. Love & Perry Photography

Brittney Love and Shana Perry infuse their work with so much passion and it shines through each photo. The Western Massachusetts couple are not only exceptional photographers, but also create film projects. 



15. Zev Fisher Photography

With over twenty years of photography experience, Zev Fisher has forged a deep connection with the art form and the weddings he photographs. Based in Boston, he beautifully captures important memories for his clients. 



16. Kendall Pavan Photography

While she discovered her passion for photography in high school, it wasn't until she graduated college that Kendall Pavan discovered her love for photographing people. That discovery spurred a career that is now over a decade old and the Rhode Island photographer continues to capture memories in the form of photos all throughout New England. 



17. Nicole Baas Photography

Nicole Baas takes a unique approach to her photography, utilizing both film and digital to capture the perfect photo depending on the conditions. Her aim to take authentic and unforgettable images of the important moments in her clients' lives. 



18. April K Photography

April K is passionate about telling the story of her subjects through her photography. She loves to capture love, whether it be that of a couple or between family members and uses natural tones throughout her work.



19. Lauren Methia Photography

Lauren Methia has been photographing throughout New England for seven years and loves being given the chance to document important days in others' lives. She aims to capture real emotions and spontaneity in her photographs.