The day will eventually come when your home is in need of a new coat of paint. The decision to paint the interior or exterior of your home can be the result of aging or the desire for a new look. A new coat of paint can have a major impact, both inside and outside the home. Repainting the exterior will give your home additional protection from the elements and increase curb appeal. Repainting the rooms of your house can completely transform its appearance. No matter what your reason is for repainting your home, the smart choice is to hire a professional so that the job is done right the first time. 

As a Boston-based home improvement company, we work with many Massachusetts homeowners who are looking for a professional painter as part of their renovation project. Some homeowners may try to complete the painting job on their own, but this can often cause extra issues as painting is more complicated than it seems. That's why it's so important to trust in a professional with years of experience in the industry. There are many painters who service the Greater Boston area, but it can be tricky to find the right one for your job. Hiring a painting company can be time consuming, from conducting research, reading reviews, and setting up interviews. We're here to help! To save homeowners time, we’ve done extensive research on the best painters in the Greater Boston area. We've compiled our findings, and present to you the Top 25 Painters in Boston! All of the painters listed below have glowing reviews, stunning project photos, and extensive experience in the industry. 

House Doctors


  • Owner: Doug Coyle
  • Location: Andover, MA
  • Other services: Handyman services, remodeling, plumbing, commercial property maintenance, & more
  • (978) 474-0788
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Catchlight Painting


  • Owner: Nigel Costolloe
  • Location: Newton, MA
  • Other services: Cabinetry refinishing, wood staining, drywall repair, light carpentry
  • (617) 734-1696
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Jerry Enos Painting


Castle Complements Painting


Ramsden Painting


No Risk Painting


Arch Painting


Larkin Painting Company


  • Owner: Bill Larkin
  • Location: Natick, MA
  • Other services: Kitchen & bath cabinetry, wall coverings, ceiling & wall repair
  • (508) 740-6212
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Top painters in boston area



Target Painting


Tom Sawyer painting


Barnstable Painter


ProTEK Painters
  • Owner: John Guarino
  • Location: Newton, MA
  • Other services: Crown moldings, wallpaper removal, drywall repair, pressure washing, light carpentry
  • (617) 977-6835
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Hubley Painting


Premiere Pros painting
  • Owner: Joe and Kristen Hernandez
  • Location: Hanson, MA
  • Other services: Cabinet refacing, countertops, finish carpentry
  • (833) 369-7767
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Boston Painting Co.


Donovan Painting
Cherkas Home Improvement


McManus Painting


Deplok Painting


Krod painting



HDF painting
  • Owner: Daniel Frost
  • Location: Concord, MA
  • Other services: Wall covering, deck cleaning & staining, historic window restoration, cabinet refinishing
  • (978) 369-3945
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Level Five Painting
  • Owner: Jorge Aurichi
  • Location: Newton, MA
  • Other services: Gutter cleaning, light carpentry, pressure washing, drywall repair, wallpaper removal
  • (617) 869-9446
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