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How To Estimate Kitchen Remodel Costs

Is your kitchen hopelessly out of date? Do none of your appliances or cabinets function properly? It’s likely time for a kitchen remodel. While kitchen projects can seem overwhelming, they're not something that can be ignored. This is your dream kitchen we’re talking about! Let’s get started.

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Cost of a Kitchen Remodel

The primary concern many homeowners have when upgrading a kitchen is that of cost. However, conducting research, finding cost-effective products and planning ahead can allow for an affordable kitchen remodel. While getting quotes from contractors is typically a time consuming process, HireHaven’s licensed experts gather multiple bids from vetted contractors after just one in-home meeting to scope your project.

Before you embark on your kitchen project, it’s important to understand the factors that may impact the cost. Read on to learn how to mitigate costs and design a project under budget.

Kitchen Types

One of the most influential factors related to the cost of your kitchen project is the material you choose and the style of your kitchen.


Contemporary kitchens beautifully combine old and new styles, creating a warm and family friendly space. They are typically minimalist in style, with sleek lines and bold colors. Cabinets in contemporary kitchens are typically dark wood or black, balanced out by lighter countertops. This style involves very intentional design to keep countertops clean and uncluttered through well-hidden storage compartments.


Farmhouse kitchens combine rustic charm with stylish design. They often have lots of light wood, white cabinets and pops of pastel colors. Farmhouse style kitchens are very inviting spaces, that allow for the incorporation of eclectic and vintage elements. It's common to find intentionally aged furniture in these kitchens that give the space a lived-in feel.


Modern style kitchens are similar to contemporary in their minimalist appearance. However, they are usually less warm in style. Modern kitchen typically incorporate concrete countertops and stainless steel appliances to create a very sleek appearance. Lots of storage is necessary to create a no-clutter look.


Mediterranean style kitchens are inspired by coastal European design and are often very elegant and ornate. Dark wood cabinetry and rich fabrics create a warm atmosphere that can be accented by accessories such as copper pots and ceramic dishes.


Even if your house isn't on the beach, you can still bring the same airy feel into your home with a coastal style kitchen. This style uses lots of green, white, blue and tan colors throughout. Whicker chairs and light wood enhance the beach feel. Coastal kitchens can be accented with modern stainless steel appliances.

These are only a handful of the kitchen styles out there, and at the end of the day, you don't have to stick to a prescribed style for your kitchen remodel. It's important to follow your personal style to design a kitchen that truly suits your needs and preferences.

Size and Layout of House

After deciding on a material, the next step in estimating the cost of your project is to determine how large your kitchen is and where it’s located in the home. The cost of a project is heavily based on the kitchen style and layout, with this being the driving factor behind both material and labor costs.

Additional Costs

There are a variety of other customizations and factors that can influence the cost of your project. For example, many homeowners have the option to move plumbing or other critical appliances around, which adds thousands to the budget. Also, of course the grade of appliances and materials used in the project will greatly affect the cost.


The location of your house can also influence the cost of your kitchen project. For example, projects in the South can be almost half as expensive as projects completed in the Northeast or on the West Coast. Unfortunately, this is one factor that homeowners have little control over.

While a kitchen remodel project can seem like a big undertaking, with careful planning and budgeting, many homeowners are able to benefit from this major home upgrade. Estimating and understanding the cost of your project is an important first step that will allow you to enjoy a smooth renovation process. There are a number of influential factors that affect the overall cost of a project, and balancing these factors can allow you to complete the project within your budget.

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