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Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Whether you're completely remodeling your kitchen or just looking for a simple update, changing the color of your kitchen cabinets is a great way to liven up your kitchen. Cabinets take up the majority of space in most kitchens, so it's important that they're designed in a visually appealing way. While cabinets can be designed in a variety of colors, it's important to choose a hue that nicely compliments your kitchen design.

Green kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

White or Neutral

Look around your kitchen. If there is already a lot of color from the flooring, appliances, walls, backsplash and more, then it's best not to add another color to the mix. Stick with a white or neutral toned color to avoid a chaotic color scheme. There are a variety of shades to choose from, and light cabinets can brighten up the entire room. Light grey and beige cabinets can also serve a similar purpose.


If you're looking to add a splash of color to your kitchen, yellow cabinets are a great option. If you don't want anything to bright, choose from a light pastel or buttery yellow. However, bright yellow can also look great, if balanced out by more neutral flooring and countertops.


While the initial idea of green cabinets may seem off-putting, this color can be very eye-catching and elegant if done right. Mint green can be a very subtle way to add color and a retro feel to any kitchen.


Deep hues of blue can turn your kitchen into a space of opulence and grandeur. Navy clue cabinets add a rich feel and pair well with white walls and gold accents. It's important to note that these dark colors can make your kitchen feel slightly smaller, so this might not be the best option for a small kitchen.

Cost to Change Cabinet Color

If you're painting existing kitchen cabinets, the project will likely cost you between $500 and $1,000. If you're installing new cabinets, the cost will be around $3,500 for 6 cabinets. Make sure to consider this when designing your kitchen renovation budget.

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