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Should I Finish My Basement?

Feeling cramped in your home? Tired of wasting hundreds of square feet on just concrete and support beams? Want a second living room for entertaining and a fantastic sound system? Consider a finished basement and all that comes with it. Here are four of the top reasons why homeowners everywhere are finishing basements like never before.

Modern basement remodel

Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Add value to your home

If you’re selling your home or have plans to sell in the near future, a finished basement can be a major selling point. For all the reasons we list below, finishing a basement can add massive value to your home.

According to, a midrange basement remodel (meaning the materials used are not builder-grade or basic, yet not luxury) costs an average or $71,115 nationally and recoups $49,768 (or roughly 70 percent) at resale, a slight decrease from the previous year.

Flexible Space

So your living space is getting smaller because your family is getting bigger, having a finished basement adds a flexible new space in your home. Use it as an office, or a workout room, or a playroom for kids or teens.

Adding roughly 300 or more square feet that is now livable can truly change how you feel about your current home.

Entertaining Guests

There’s no better feeling than hosting a party and walking down your carpeted basement with plenty of space for entertaining.

Inviting the neighbors over for the football game or hosting book club with chairs for everyone seems like a small thing, but if you lack space for entertaining in the main living area, the basement can really make up for that space.

Rental Income

With vacation rental websites growing in popularity, finishing your basement to use it as a short term rental or even a traditional apartment rental is popular. This side income can be a huge boost your finances.

With that in mind, you’ll need to finish the space in a way that’s properly up to your state and local laws. The space will most likely need a bathroom, closet, kitchen, and window to be properly zoned as a rental.

Fix Various Issues

You may want to upgrade your basement due to a number of possible integrity issues. From water damage to sinking floors, the perfect time to upgrade your basement is when you're already down there fixing something else.

Basement upgrades are a massive modern trend and you shouldn’t be hesitant to try! Contact us by phone or email to speak with your HireHaven basement expert today.