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House Renovation Ideas

There’s nothing more exciting than your dream home project coming together. Tens of thousands of homeowners in your area are completing a job this year. But which remodels are the most popular?

Kitchen home renovation project

Top 10 House Renovations

All of these projects will help with resale value, but which ones are best for lifestyle upgrades? Here are some of the most common home improvement projects, listed in no particular order:

Building a deck

Sipping morning coffee by day and grilling out by night, the advantages of a new deck are endless. Improving the exterior of your home via deck space (especially in warm weather climates) creates a major upgrade in lifestyle.

Refacing cabinets

Many people find the cost of a full kitchen remodel prohibitive. That’s why a more budget-friendly cabinet refacing is one of the most popular home improvement projects. It feels like a whole new kitchen!

Replacing a roof

Replacing your roof is not an exciting project. It’s not done for aesthetic reasons, either. Mostly, the roof is not functioning anymore (read: leaking) and needs to be upgraded if not immediately, then sooner rather than later.

Kitchen remodel

For those who have the funds, a full kitchen remodel is a dream project. It takes the hearth of your home and upgrades it to somewhere you truly enjoy hanging out. For those of us who love to cook, having a modern kitchen is second to none.

Siding replacement

Now here is one of those exterior projects that’s a mix of “have to” and “want to”. A siding upgrade can add much needed curb appeal to any home that’s on the market. It also gives that “brand new” look and feel to a home that just needs some exterior love. Watch out: siding replacement is one of the most expensive projects homeowners can undertake.

Window replacement

Replacing your windows is a smart, energy-efficient improvement you can make to your home. Both replacement windows and new construction windows provide a number of benefits to homeowners. When installing new windows, there are many questions that arise beginning with which brand is right for you - Andersen windows, Harvey, Marvin, Pella, and more.

Manufactured stone veneer

A cousin of the siding replacement, upgrading the front of your home to stone veneer gives a touch of elegance to any home. Popular in the midwest and the south, stone veneer is an instant, stunning upgrade.

Entry door replacement

Your entry door needs to be functional and beautiful. For the safety of your belongings and the enjoyment of your family, an entry door update is not only critical, but one of the lower cost options on this list. Check out our guides on Top 10 Entry Door Colors and Reasons To Replace Your Entry Door.

Bathroom remodeling

Whether your bathroom is outdated and aging or just doesn't reflect your personal style, investing in a remodel is a great way to increase the value of your home. Bathroom remodels provide a great return on investment, and can also increase the comfort and appeal of your house. In choosing products and fixtures, it’s important to strike the right balance between style and functionality.

Finishing a basement

Feeling cramped in your home? Tired of wasting hundreds of square feet on just concrete and support beams? Want a second living room for entertaining and a fantastic sound system? Consider a finished basement and all that comes with it.

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