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GAF Roof Shingles

GAF roofing products have been a trusted option for homeowners for over 50 years. The brand’s shingles are among the most durable and reliable asphalt roofing shingles in the industry. Not only are the products well made, there is also a wide variety to choose from, meaning GAF shingles can be used on virtually any style house. The brand manufacturers an impressive selection of shingles that include designer, architectural and 3-tab styles. Some of their most popular products include the Timberline, which is North America’s #1 selling shingle, the Grand Sequoia, and Glenwood.

GAF Glenwood roofing

The warranties that GAF protects customers with are widely considered to be some of the best in the roofing industry. While the warranty varies by product, generally if installed by a Master Elite certified installer, the product is covered for fifty years and the workmanship is covered for 25 years. Most warranties are also transferable to new homeowners.

GAF products provide homeowners with a wide range of benefits. If you’re exploring your roofing options, this guide will help you understand the distinctions of GAF shingles and determine whether they are right for your home.

Product Options

GAF manufactures many different roofing shingles. We’ve highlighted some of the brand’s most popular products:

Timberline HD

The Timberline HD shingle is North America’s most popular shingle, having been installed on thousands of houses. In terms of appearance, this shingle possesses the look of wood shake, but benefits from the durability of a fiberglass asphalt construction. These shingles are available in 12 colors and can be customized with a variety of waterproofing options. For an even more durable option, the Timberline UltraHD shingle is 53% thicker than standard architectural shingles. These shingles, like other GAF products, are designed with Advanced Protection Shingle Technology, which protects from wind and weather damage, and makes the shingles fire resistant.

Timberline HD shingles are typically installed for about $350 per 100 sq ft.

Grand Sequoia

These shingles are perfect for homeowners who are aiming to achieve harmony between their homes and nature. The Grand Sequoia shingles are designed in artisan-crafted shapes that create a multi-dimensional and elegant appearance. The product is available in six colors that were specifically designed to enhance the nature inspired look of the shingles themselves. The Grand Sequoia shingles are also protected by Advanced Protection Shingle Technology and StainGuard Protection, which prevents algae damage.

Grand Sequoia shingles are typically installed for about $400 per 100 sq ft.


In a similar fashion as the Timberline shingles, the Glenwood shingles imitate the appearance of wood shake. Additionally, these shingles provide the greatest depth and dimension out of any existing roofing products with an innovative triple-layer construction. They are manufactured with UV blocking granules which protect the shingles from sun damage and fading, ensuring a bright color for decades. In comparison to wood shingles, Glenwood shingles are similarly elegant, but at a fraction of the cost and required maintenance.

Glenwood shingles are installed for about $350 per 100 sq ft.

Unique Benefits

Not only is GAF loved by homeowners, but many contractors prefer the brand over other options as well. This is due to the GAF Lifetime Roofing System, which consists of six complementary components of the roofing system. Not all brands manufacturer all the roofing components needed, but the fact that GAF does means that all components are designed to work together in an optimal fashion. Additionally, GAF certifies installers with their Master Elite program, which trains them in installation best practices that are specific to GAF products. All roofs installed by Master Elite installers are accompanied by extended warranties, providing a major benefit to homeowners.

GAF Roof Shingles Pricing

GAF provides homeowners with a wide variety of roofing options that range significantly in price. This means that GAF products are an option for almost any budget, so many can benefit from the quality products that the brand manufactures. The following are some of the various products at differing price points. The prices listed are the average prices, including installation.

GAF Royal Sovereign shingles (3-tab): $225 per 100 sq ft

GAF Timberline Ultra HD (architectural): $400 per 100 sq ft

GAF Woodland shingles (designer): $450 per 100 sq ft

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