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How To Find a Roofing Contractor

While the prospect of finding the right contractor may seem daunting, HireHaven makes the process easy. After one in-home consultation with our licensed expert, we’ll gather bids from vetted roofers in our network. Then, our expert will help you translate and compare bids so you can find the best contractor for your roofing project.

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Steps to Find a Roofing Contractor

Doing diligent research is a top priority in finding a contractor and this guide is the best starting point in your search. We outline the best practices that will lead you to the perfect roofing contractor.

Speak to friends and neighbors

If any of your friends or neighbors have completed a roofing project recently, asking them for advice is a great place to start. Based on their experiences, they can likely direct you to a trustworthy local contractor. And if their project didn’t go well? Now you know which contractors to avoid.

Check reviews

Reviews are a homeowner’s best friend when it comes to renovating. Reviews will tell you everything you need to know about a potential contractor, from the good to the ugly. There are a number of review websites that will help you in your search. Some great places to check out are Angie’s List, Yelp, Home Advisor, Google, and Facebook. Read reviews carefully and look for customers who completed similar projects. Also, keep your eye out for reviews in which something went wrong - how did the contractor handle it? Not all renovation projects go completely smoothly, so it’s important to know that a potential contractor is adaptable and will remain level headed.

Ask questions

During your consultation with the contractor, be curious! Ask questions now so you have plenty of information when the time comes to compare quotes. Asking for a timeline, about insurance or for details about the product is the best way to prevent being blindsided further into the project.

Look for images from past projects

Gathering information about a contractor’s past projects is a great way to get a sense of their work. A website full of images and project descriptions can show you the range and success of projects the contractor has previously completed.

Research warranties

A roofing replacement is a major project. That’s why you want to make sure your contractor can provide extensive warranties covering not only the product, but also the labor. Many contractors don’t offer warranties that cover labor, and if any issues arise down the road, they’re often not covered by insurance. A labor and manufacturer’s warranty will save you from any headaches in the future.

Ask to see licensing and insurance

While many states require that contractors insure their employees, it’s still important to double check. This prevents you, as the homeowner, from being held liable for any injuries. Additionally, if licensing is required in your state, make sure the contractor hands over a copy. If a contractor is unable to provide proof of insurance or licensing, that’s a definite sign that they are not a good fit.

Find a contractor with options

Did you find the perfect contractor just to learn that they only install one style of shingle in one color? If so, they’re not the perfect contractor. A good contractor will provide you with a number of options so that you can customize your roofing project to fit your house. A roof replacement can be a great time to upgrade the look of your house to suit your tastes, and limited options will make this difficult to achieve.

While this guide will help you begin your contractor search, it’s important to continue to conduct as much research as possible. Choosing the right roofing contractor is an important decision and shouldn’t be rushed.

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