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James Hardie Siding Guide | HardiePlank & HardieShingle

Fiber cement siding is a relatively new innovation in the siding industry, and improves on the durability and strength of vinyl shingles. James Hardie is the most well-known brand when it comes to fiber cement products, having been one of the first to manufacture the material. Over the years fiber cement has dramatically increased in popularity, and now protects more homes than ever before. While James Hardie products have a lot to offer homeowners, it’s important to explore their products and make sure they’re right for your home. Our James Hardie guide is here to help you in your search for the perfect siding product.

Red house with James Hardie siding

About James Hardie Siding


James Hardie manufactures three main siding products: HardiePlank lap siding, HardieShingle siding, and HardiePanel vertical siding. All three products are composed of fiber cement, and differ primarily in terms of design.

HardiePlank: HardiePlank siding is the most popular siding product in North America and also James Hardie’s best selling product. It’s an extremely versatile product that works on almost any style home. Hardie Plank is available in 25 colors and is typically installed for about $1,400 per 100 sq ft.

HardieShingle: HardieShingle shingles imitate the appearance of cedar shingles, but with the durability of fiber cement. This product is perfect for Cape Cod and cottage-style homes. It can also be used as an accent feature in combination with HardiePlank. HardieShingle is available in 25 colors and is typically installed for about $1,775 per 100 sq ft.

HardiePanel: HardiePanel creates a minimalist and contemporary look through its unique vertical design. This product can also be combined with HardieTrim for a more rustic appearance. HardiePanel is a good choice for farmhouse-style or modern homes. It’s available in 15 colors and four textures. HardiePanel is typically installed for about $2,000 per 100 sq ft.

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James Hardie Siding Pros & Cons

  • Their products are available in a variety of textures that imitate the look of natural, and more expensive, siding materials.
    • This includes materials such as cedar, wood lap, wood shake and more.
  • The brand offers many color options that are baked into the shingles to protect against fading.
    • James Hardie offers a 15 year warranty on shingle color fading.
  • The shingles are extremely long-lasting, and offer a longer lifespan than vinyl shingles.
    • They are resistant to damage from pests, warping, rotting, chipping and more.
    • Due to their material composition, these shingles are extremely fire resistant.
    • James Hardie shingles are also designed to resist damage from even the most extreme weather.

  • James Hardie products are typically more expensive than vinyl siding.
    • Hardie board is thicker than many others siding shingles, which allows it to be extremely durable, but also contributes to higher installation costs.
  • The shingles may need to be repainted occasionally.
    • The ColorPlus Technology Warranty covers peeling and chipping damage, but only for the first 15 years.

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James Hardie Siding FAQs

I’ve heard fiber cement is new and untested, is that true?

Quite the contrary. The truth is, fiber cement has been used as siding since the 1970s but the product itself was patented in 1901.

Is it easy to replace damaged boards?

Though it would take a lot to damage a fiber cement board, it is quite easy to replace one. By simply prying up the adjacent boards in the area the damaged board can be removed and replaced. Even just sections of the compromised board can be cut out and removed instead of the entire piece and multiple adjoining rows as with other materials.

Are James Hardie products right for my project?

What qualifies as the “right” siding for your home depends heavily on your personal preferences and project budget. In terms of synthetic siding, James Hardie products are on the more expensive end, but provide a number of benefits that are worth it for many homeowners. If it’s within your budget, choosing James Hardie products for your project can save you time and money in the long run.

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