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Andersen 400 Series Review & Cost

About Andersen Windows

Andersen is one of America’s most recognized and trusted window manufacturers, backed up by over a century of experience. The 400 Series is Andersen’s most popular series and blends trustworthy engineering with beautiful craftsmanship in over 20 window styles. Andersen is also well-known for their 100 and 200 series. To compare all three series, read our Andersen Windows Series Comparison.

Andersen 400 series windows at night

400 Series Window Styles

This series includes the double hung window, casement window, picture window, and bay and bow windows, to name a few.

Double Hung: The double hung is the most well known style of window: both panes are operable up and down for ventilation.

Casement: The casement window is a single pane that is hinged on the side and opens outward. This window style is commonly found above kitchen sinks.

Picture: The picture window is a stationary window, that does not open, but serves to bring natural light into a room.

Bay and Bow: The bay and bow windows consist of at least three sections that jut outward from the facade of the home, often including an interior window seat.

400 Series Features

The 400 Series consists primarily of wood-framed windows protected by a vinyl exterior. Wood strengthens the structure of the window, and is also visually appealing. Andersen’s low-maintenance vinyl cladding, which serves as the outer layer of protection, creates a barrier between your house and the outdoors, in combination with Perma Shield® protection. Perma Shield® technology is designed to prevent the exterior paint from peeling or requiring a fresh coat. This weather-resistant engineering (along with Andersen’s Green Seal certification on all products) makes a 400 Series window a great long term investment by saving you money on energy bills.

400 Series Customizations

The Andersen 400 Series windows are available in 7 exterior cladding colors, 12 hardware finishes, and various grid designs that allow for extensive customization.


  • Interior frame:
    • Unfinished pine
    • Prefinished white
    • Maple
    • Oak
  • Exterior cladding:
    • White
    • Black
    • Dark bronze
    • Sandtone
    • Terratone
    • Canvas
    • Forest green

Grid Patterns

  • 400 Series windows are available in 17 different grid patterns.

Glass Type

  • Double pane - Low E4 energy efficient glass
  • Double pane - ENERGY STAR certified glass
  • Privacy glass
  • Tempered
  • Tempered and obscure

Screen Options

  • Half screen
  • Full screen
  • TruScene half screen
  • TruScene full screen

Hardware Finish

  • White
  • Stone
  • Antique brass
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Bright brass
  • Brushed chrome
  • Distressed bronze
  • Distressed nickel
  • Polished chrome
  • Satin nickel

400 Series Windows vs. Other Andersen Series

The 400 Series differs from other windows by Andersen in a few ways. The exterior cladding of the 400 Series is vinyl, with the exception of the WoodWright® double hung window. Andersen’s next most popular line, the A-Series, is clad in a fiberglass composite called Fibrex®. Fibrex® is stronger than vinyl, but it is also more expensive. The wood frame of the 400 Series is stronger than the Fibrex frame of the 100 Series, so overall, the 400 series is one of the sturdier options from Andersen. The 400 Series includes the most exterior color options as compared to the 100 or 200 Series from Andersen and is offered in as many window shapes and grill types as the premium E-series, but for a more affordable price.

400 Series Windows vs. Other Brands

The Andersen 400 Series also stands apart from similar windows by other brands. Wood framed windows by Harvey, Marvin, and Pella are all clad in aluminum, which does not possess the Perma Shield® technology of Andersen’s vinyl cladding. The 400 Series is available in more grill types than the Marvin line and more exterior colors than the Harvey Majesty line. The 400 Series is similar to the Pella Architect line, but the base price of the 400 Series is two thirds that of Pella products. Andersen’s 400 Series is an excellent choice for a unique blend of classic design and modern upgrades without breaking the bank.

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