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Andersen Windows Reviews

Andersen is one of the most trusted window brands, known for products that blend elegance and energy efficiency. They offer a variety of affordable, yet durable products, with five different window product lines on offer. Andersen manufactures a variety of wood windows in the 400 Series, 200 Series, A-Series, and E-Series. They also offer durable Fibrex composite windows in their 100 Series. Whichever Andersen series you select, you can trust in their quality manufacturing standards. To learn more about pricing for these windows, read our Andersen Windows Pricing Guide.

White framed Andersen windows in bathroom

About Andersen Windows

For more than a century, Andersen has been one of the most trusted window brands in North America. They’ve been pioneering new products and setting the bar since 1903. They offer an extensive collection of high-quality products, including entry doors. Andersen is committed to integrity, excellence, and innovation. Whatever project you are working on, Andersen will have the products you need in a variety of sizes, wood options, colors, and accessories.

In fact, homeowners recommend Andersen more than any other brand. Contractors, the people whose reputations depend on the windows they use, buy and install Andersen more than any other brand for 20 years in a row.

Andersen Windows Series and Prices

100 Series

The 100 series is the only Andersen series made exclusively of Fibrex®, which is composed of reclaimed wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer. Fibrex® windows closely resemble fiberglass. Since the makeup of Fibrex® is partially recycled it is one of the most sustainable building materials on the market. It is twice as strong as vinyl and performs better in extreme weather. The unique manufacturing process of Fibrex® actually blends the exterior color in with the material which prevents color fading and chipping.

The 100 Series offers a number of product customizations. These windows are available in four interior frame colors and one exterior frame color. The window hardware is offered in white or a metal slim line lock that comes in six finishes. Additionally, the windows are available in a wide range of grid styles, which allow for maximum customization.

The 100 Series is by far the most budget friendly series manufactured Andersen. It offers just as many grill options as all other series, more exterior color choices than the 200 series, and more interior color choices than the 400 series, all at an affordable cost. The 100 Series beautifully combines the innovation of Andersen with the price of vinyl for an elegant window at an affordable rate.

Andersen 100 Series windows are installed starting at around $500.

200 Series

Andersen 200 Series windows are wood framed and clad in vinyl, providing impressive durability. Wood windows are strong and long lasting, and the Perma Shield® vinyl cladding is energy efficient as well as low maintenance. The exterior trim has been engineered to never peel, corrode, or require a fresh coat of paint. Andersen has the Green Seal certification on all products, so the 200 Series will conserve energy and save money. You can choose between a classic white or a warm sandstone shade for the exterior cladding. There are also four hardware finishes and the ability to tailor the grid pattern to complete your home with windows that have designer appeal as well as durability.

The 200 Series possesses some of the most popular attributes of the 400 Series at the low price of the 100 Series. The 400 Series, A-Series, or E-Series offer a wider range of customization options, but come at a higher price. While it lacks the customization options, for homeowners looking for an affordable wood window, the 200 Series is the best option.

Andersen 200 Series windows are installed starting at around $500.

400 Series

The 400 Series consists primarily of wood-framed windows protected by a vinyl exterior. Wood strengthens the structure of the window, and is also visually appealing. Andersen’s low-maintenance vinyl cladding, which serves as the outer layer of protection, creates a barrier between your house and the outdoors, in combination with Perma Shield® protection. Perma Shield® technology is designed to prevent the exterior paint from peeling or requiring a fresh coat. This weather-resistant engineering (along with Andersen’s Green Seal certification on all products) makes a 400 Series window a great long term investment by saving you money on energy bills.

The Andersen 400 Series windows are available in 7 exterior cladding colors, 12 hardware finishes, and various grid designs that allow for extensive customization. Additionally, homeowners can choose from five glass types and four screen options.

The 400 Series differs from other windows by Andersen in a few ways. The exterior cladding of the 400 Series is vinyl, with the exception of the WoodWright® double hung window. Andersen’s next most popular line, the A-Series, is clad in a fiberglass composite called Fibrex®. Fibrex® is stronger than vinyl, but it is also more expensive. The wood frame of the 400 Series is stronger than the Fibrex frame of the 100 Series, so overall, the 400 series is one of the sturdier options from Andersen. The 400 Series includes the most exterior color options as compared to the 100 or 200 Series from Andersen and is offered in as many window shapes and grill types as the premium E-series, but for a more affordable price.

Andersen 400 Series windows are installed starting at around $900.


The Andersen A-Series is part of the manufacturer’s Architectural Series. These windows were designed with architects in mind, creating a window that is extremely customizable and versatile. Additionally, A-Series windows are the most durable and energy efficient windows manufactured by Andersen. The windows are made of wood that is protected by fiberglass on the sash exterior. The frames and trim are made of Fibrex to provide maximum strength and durability while keeping the elegant look of wood.

The A-Series allows for hundreds of customization combinations. These windows are available in 11 exterior colors, 6 trim styles, 19 interior wood and paint options and a variety of hardware choices. These are the perfect window choice for homeowners looking to achieve a very specific look.

E-Series windows are installed starting from about $1,000.


The E-Series is the second line in Andersen’s Architectural Series. This series consists of completely custom made windows, manufactured to the homeowner’s specifications. All windows in the E-Series are wood framed, with aluminum cladding for premium durability. These windows require virtually no maintenance and will look new for decades. Additionally, E-Series windows can be installed with VeriLock Security sensors that notify you if the windows are open or unlocked.

E-Series windows are available in seven different window styles, including double-hung, casement and awning. This series is one of the most customizable on the market, with 50 exterior color options, and the ability to select a custom color. Andersen offers over 30 interior stain and paint options, as well. Essentially, every aspect of the E-Series window can be customized from a wide variety of options. This series is the best option on the market for those looking for absolute customization.

E-Series windows are installed starting from about $900.

Why you should replace your windows

You’re here shopping around because you’ve noticed something wrong with your current windows. Some of the most popular reasons to replace windows are:

  • Increase energy efficiency and lower energy costs
  • Reduce drafts/hot spots/condensation and improve comfort
  • Replace windows that are worn out, broken, stuck shut, or don't stay open
  • Enhance (or change) your home’s appearance
  • Take advantage of new technology
  • Cut back maintenance
  • Boost your home value and resale potential

Andersen Windows FAQ

When the best time to complete a window replacement project?

Window projects can be completed in any month of the year. Though spring through fall is our busy season for home improvement, we’ve done window replacements in the middle of winter, too.

What’s the difference between the Andersen 400 Series and Andersen 100 Series?

The Andersen 100 series is the entry level window line from Andersen. The 400 Series is a bit more expensive and uses Fibrex material that is 2X more durable than vinyl.

What are the cost savings of installing energy-efficient windows?

This varies depending on your location, window features, and climate. Look for the Energy Star certification to know that your windows meet the requirements to be called energy-efficient.

How long will it take to install my new windows?

Depending on the number of windows we install, the project will take no more than 2 days, but most projects take 1 day or less.

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