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Marvin Windows Reviews & Prices

Marvin has built its reputation on decades of quality and innovation, and continues to please homeowners with their elegant replacement window designs. The manufacturer has three main window lines, which are the Integrity, Infinity and Clad Ultimate series. While these lines all benefit from the high quality manufacturing of all Marvin products, they differ in a few distinct ways.

Marvin wood-ultrex double hungs

About Marvin Windows

Built on a heritage of quality and innovation, Marvin leads the industry in product design and function. Each product is made to order to meet your exact specifications. With their customization capabilities, exclusive innovations, high-performance energy efficiency options, and unmatched personal service at every point in the process, you’ll be able to find beautiful windows and doors for your project.

Infinity Series

The Infinity series benefits from durable construction and an all Ultrex frame. Ultrex is Marvin’s own innovative form of fiberglass that remains stable in extreme temperatures and expands at nearly the same rate as glass, resulting in windows that are strong and true. This material allows the Infinity windows to be virtually maintenance-free and incredibly energy efficient.

The windows in the Infinity series accurately imitate the appearance of wood with the EverWood interior finish, a unique feature of this line. The windows are available in a number of customization options, which includes seven exterior colors, eight different hardware finishes, and a variety of decorative glass. Additionally, these windows can be painted custom colors to suit any style.

Infinity Series windows are installed starting from about $900.

Integrity Series

The Integrity series of windows is offered in two styles: Wood-Ultrex and All-Ultrex. As the names reveal, both window styles have frames made of Ultrex, Marvin’s proprietary composite material. It’s stronger than vinyl and won’t warp or fade over time, so it’s practically maintenance-free. The main difference between the two styles is that All-Ultrex windows have an interior and exterior both made from Ultrex, whereas the Wood-Ultrex windows have a real wood interior, and an Ultrex clad exterior. Though both All Ultrex and Wood-Ultrex offer high performance energy efficiency, only the Wood-Ultrex series is labeled as “Most Efficient” by ENERGY STAR. Homeowners looking for superior efficiency for their heating and cooling bills should opt for Wood-Ultrex windows.

While the Integrity series benefits from solid construction, homeowners will find that the series has limited customization options. The windows are only offered in six exterior finishes, five hardware finishes, and no decorative glass besides the standard obscure. The Integrity product was developed for contractors or builders who needed product quickly. With this in mind, when they first developed the Integrity product line they wanted to streamline the process so they could provide the products to the trade in a timely fashion.

Integrity Series windows are installed starting from about $600.

Clad Ultimate

The Clad Ultimate series from Marvin is one of the most durable and customizable that the brand offers. These windows feature a wood interior and a low-maintenance, extruded aluminum-clad exterior. With the Ultimate windows, homeowners can enjoy the elegant look of wood windows, with enhanced durability and less maintenance. However, in comparison to the windows that incorporate Ultrex, this series can be slightly less energy efficient. The Clad Ultimate hardware incorporates year of innovation, providing one of the most smooth operating mechanisms on the market.

The Ultimate series is the most customizable one on offer by Marvin. The windows are available in 19 colors and can also be painted any custom color. Additionally, homeowners can choose from 10 interior paints and stains. This series is the best choice for those looking to achieve a specific style for their window replacement project.

About Marvin Windows Ultrex

Marvin's proprietary material, Ultrex, is made from fiberglass strands, pultruded fiberglass, and a patented acrylic cap that allows colors to remain bright. In essence, it is composed of thin strands of strong glass cables that are saturated with compounded resins to increase durability.

To cut the Ultrex frames, Marvin uses diamond-edge blades to create custom sized windows. It’s rigid in a good way, meaning the window will have a true and perfect fit that lasts. Ultrex framed windows are virtually indestructible.

Ultrex is an incredibly innovative product as it remains stable in extreme temperatures and has a similar expansion rate as glass, meaning your windows will stay strong and weather-sealed for decades.

Marvin Ultrex Windows vs. Vinyl Windows

Ultrex framed windows possess a number of advantages over vinyl framed windows. This includes the fact that in comparison to vinyl Ultrex is 8x stronger and lasts almost 40% longer. It also can more more aesthetically pleasing than vinyl. Ultrex windows have a clean glazing bead profile and have solid, watertight joints. Vinyl windows can arrive with messy welded corners and uneven joints. Many vinyl windows are only available in light colors, whereas Ultrex frames offer dark and light color options, and can be painted custom colors. Additionally, Ultrex windows offer more glass space than vinyl, bringing in plenty of natural light and providing expansive views.

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