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Pella Replacement Windows

Pella is a premium brand committed to achievement in design. They are well known for their elegant wood windows, but also manufacture windows made of vinyl and fiberglass, allowing homeowners with all budgets to enjoy their high quality craftsmanship.

Pella Architectural series windows in kitchen

About Pella Windows

Pella is a national window and door manufacturer headquartered in Iowa. Founded in 1925, they are one of the oldest and most trusted brands for window and door manufacturing, and they’re known for offering an outstanding range of products. They are committed to innovation, in order to make a customer’s experience with windows and doors even better. As an industry leader, they constantly strive to make the best products and provide homeowners with the best options for customization. Pella’s goal is to help create beautiful, long lasting spaces to make moments in your home more comfortable and memorable.

Pella has earned a spot as one of the top window brands in the US through nearly a century of innovation. Among the most customizable on the market, some of their most popular products include the fiberglass composite Pella Impervia series and their flagship product the Pella Architect wood window series.Whether you are looking for the beauty of wood, the strength of fiberglass, or the low maintenance of vinyl—Pella has a superior quality, energy efficient and durable solution. The brand has a long history of innovation. Pella products offer the energy-efficient options that will meet or exceed ENERGY STAR certification in all 50 states. They’ve been working with the standard-bearer in energy-efficiency since 1999.

They put their windows through rigorous testing. From the durability of the frame, to the insulation, to the gliding mechanisms and more -- these windows have been through much worse conditions (and passed with flying colors) than they’d ever face in your home.

Pella Windows Series


Architect (Traditional & Contemporary)

The Architect Series is the quintessential display of Pella’s elegance and premium quality. The two styles, Traditional and Contemporary, are distinctly designed to enhance the visual appeal of your house.


If you are looking for a craftsman style replacement window, the Pella Traditional Architect windows are not only elegant, but also energy efficient. The Traditional Architect windows feature beautiful wood detailing that draws focus to not only the exterior views, but also the windows themselves.

Traditional windows are engineered with Integral Light Technology® to closely imitate the look of true individual panes. Classic, Rustic, or Essential hardware styles each add individual flair, with as many as 8 finishes to complement any color scheme.


For a modern, form-follows-function approach, Contemporary Architect windows are the perfect fit. The Contemporary line is focused on increasing sightlines, improving your view, and adding dramatic effect with minimalist frames, all while maintaining Pella’s elevated standard for energy efficiency. Contemporary windows are combined with the Pella’s Modern hardware collection in a choice of 9 finishes.

Architect Series Customization Options

Both window styles offer a choice in the wood species of your frame. Additionally, pine frames allow the ability for further customization, with three color options and seven wood finishes. There is also an incredible array of 27 color options for exterior aluminum cladding, reinforced with the EnduraClad® design to keep colors vibrant and resistant to fading. InView screens are available to improve visibility and light filtration by 15% as compared to traditional screens. Laminated, tinted, or obscure glass are available on select products.

Pella Architect Series windows are installed starting from around $1,000.



Pella’s Impervia line benefits from both the appearance of wood and the increased durability of fiberglass. The Impervia Series utilizes Pella’s Duracast® technology, which consists of a durable five layer frame that has been rigorously tested to withstand the elements. The frame consists of the fiberglass core, two interlocking mats, a heat-set resin, and a baked on finish in a variety of color options.

The Impervia Series is also environmentally friendly due to the many energy efficient features and a production process that almost completely eliminates volatile organic compounds, which are vapors released into the air during many industrial processes.

Impervia windows are ideal for complementing homes with contemporary aesthetics. The frames are available in solid color or dual color options in white, tan, brown, black, or morning sky gray. Optional grids are color matched to the window frames for a seamless and modern finish. Hardware can also be custom matched to the frame and is also offered in a choice of metallic finishes in brass, bronze, or nickel. Pella Impervia windows can also be installed with InView screens, which let in 15% more light as compared to traditional screens.

Pella Impervia windows are installed starting from around $900.


350 Series

With the 350 Series, Pella has uniquely combined a premium design and state of the art energy efficiency with popular frame material of vinyl. This the manufacturer’s most energy efficient window option. The frame is made of strong, long lasting vinyl and has been designed with a 3-point energy saving system that is 50-80% more energy efficient than competitors. This includes InsulShield® glass to block more ultraviolet rays from the sun and shut out heat. Additionally, there are as many as 18 insulating air chambers that can be included in the window frames, which far exceeds the standards of normal vinyl windows to better retain heat and air conditioning. Lastly, 350 Series windows can be manufactured with an optional foam insulation to further increase energy efficiency.

In terms of design, Pella has ample options for customization or technological upgrades to create the perfect window to suit your home. SmoothSeam® interior welded corners can be incorporated into your vinyl frame for a clean, contemporary look. Pella’s dual color frame options combine a white interior frame with a choice of nine DuraColor® exterior finishes that have been rigorously tested to be fade resistant in high exposure, high humidity, and extreme temperature environments.

Choose from over half a dozen choices of grille patterns that can come in grids-between-the-glass or simulated-divided-light grids that imitate the traditional look of individually divided window panes. Additionally, your grids will be color matched to your interior and exterior finishes. Choose between five hardware designs that can be color matched to your interior frame or come in bronze, brass, or nickel finishes. There are many ways to upgrade your glass to suit your needs and environment, including HurricaneShield® and Sound Transmission Class glass. Pella also makes InView screens that can be included in your window customization, which let in 15% more light than traditional screens.

Pella 350 Series windows are installed starting from about $500.

250 Series

The 250 Series windows are made of impressively durable vinyl that is 52% stronger than typical vinyl frames. The design of these windows is sleek and contemporary, creating a high quality look at an affordable price point. The 250 Series windows can be designed to be incredibly energy efficient, with the choice of double- or triple-pane glass. The standard windows are manufactured with InsulShield Low E double-pane glass, which blocks 84% of UV rays from entering the home. Additionally, homeowners can opt for triple-pane glass, which is up to 77% more energy efficient than single-pane windows. This option blocks 86% of the UV rays.

The 250 Series windows are well designed, with a full frame profile that features a detailed edge. Additionally, homeowners can choose from over exterior finishes and a wide variety of grid options. These windows feature AutoLock hardware, which automatically locks windows when they are shut.

Pella 250 Series windows are installed starting from about $800.

Why you should replace your windows

You’re likely here because you’ve noticed something wrong with your current windows. Some of the most popular reasons to replace windows are:

  • Increase energy efficiency and lower energy costs
  • Reduce drafts/hot spots/condensation and improve comfort
  • Replace windows that are worn out, broken, stuck shut, or don't stay open
  • Enhance (or change) your home’s appearance
  • Take advantage of new technology
  • Cut back maintenance
  • Boost your home value and resale potential


Can I paint my vinyl windows?

Pella replacement windows come in a number of color options that won’t fade, so no need for painting, ever.

How long will a window installation take?

Most window installation jobs take 1 day or less. For houses with many windows, a 2 day commitment should be expected.

How do I clean my windows?

When cleaning a double hung tilt sash window, push the release tabs and tilt the window inwards to wash both side of the pane using a popular glass cleaner like Windex and a soft towel. Do not use any alcohol-based solutions as they will leave streaks.

What impact will installing replacement windows have on our energy bill?

All Pella products meet or exceed ENERGY STAR certification in all 50 states and most of Canada. What does this mean for you? Not only could you find a decline in your heating and cooling charges, you can help protect the environment.

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