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Should I Replace My Windows?

Top Reasons to Replace Windows

If you can identify with one or more of the valuable reasons listed on this list, then it’s probably time for a window replacement. Many homeowners think they need new windows but go back and forth about whether it’s a worthy investment.

White casement windows in reading nook

Reading our top nine reasons to replace windows in your home.

  1. Windows have a bigger-than-you-think-impact on aesthetics
  2. They affect how you enjoy your space
  3. Improved ease of use and safety
  4. Better energy efficiency
  5. New windows help you save money
  6. Increase your home's resale value
  7. Reduces need for cleaning & maintenance
  8. Reduces exterior noise
  9. Keeps your home safe from weather & intruders

  10. 1) Windows have a bigger-than-you-think impact on aesthetics.

    Look we get it, it’s not as exciting as getting twin Sub z’s in the kitchen, but the impact windows have on the appearance and style of homes is badly underestimated.

    Bottom line is, new windows can significantly accentuate or define the character of your home. If you don’t think you’ll notice, ask yourself: how many times a day do you see or use your windows? What about when you’re walking up to your door? See, told you. Many of the homeowner we speak to mention how surprised they are at the impact of their windows on the appearance of rooms in their home. If you have old sills or chipping frames, you should know it doesn't have to be that way.

    2) They affect how you enjoy your space

    Sure, a window’s job may be to let natural light in and keep extreme seasonal temperatures out. You’ll notice a difference from day one in how you experience the space or a room in which you replace your windows, especially if you opt for a window style change. They’ll be totally new (duh!) but they’ll also have the exact appearance that you personally choose.

    3) Improved ease of use and safety

    If you have to “put your hips into it” when closing, opening, or locking your windows, then it's time to move on. It doesn’t have to be that way! Opening and closing your windows should not be a workout. It's not ok - even if your doctor or spouse says you should get more exercise. Speaking of health, old windows may contain lead paint, which is dangerous for children and adults alike. Old sealant or leaking windows can also lead to mold in the home, which is another incredibly dangerous byproduct of old windows. Windows and safety - who knew?

    4) Better energy efficiency

    Being more energy efficient saves you money and reduces the impact you have on the environment. And while every home improvement project may make it seem like "it's all energy efficiency these days”, windows tend not to be the first thing that comes to mind. Many old windows are single pane or have broken seals and there is a tangible difference in energy efficiency by upgrading to new double pane or triple pane windows. That old drafty window in your living room? It gets cold/hot which means you crank up/down your thermostat which means you use more energy which means you consume more fossil fuel.

    Energy efficient double pane windows reduce energy loss by 30% to 50% over single pane windows. They have low-E coatings and are gas-filled, usually Argon and Krypton which are completely safe and odor less. But what does that even mean? Low-emissivity glass, also known as low-E glass, uses a microscopically thin and virtually invisible metal or metallic oxide layer incorporated in the glazing surface to control heat transfer through insulated windows.

    5) They help you be penny wise and pound wise

    Replacing your windows may be one of the most cost-effective home improvements you can make but not in the way you may assume.

    Sure, new windows can lessen your monthly utility bills through energy conservation. But don’t believe the hype that your windows will pay for themselves overnight. Anyone telling you that is misleading you. It’s important to have a realistic expectation about the payback period (read: years) and it’s more complicated than you probably realize. Feel free to check out this Energy Star analysis by the EPA if you like math equations (or need a nap!).

    Fortunately, there are immediate financial incentives to replace your windows that don’t require a years long payback period. Homeowners who install energy efficient windows can take advantage of attractive financing options, tax credits, and rebates. The Department of Energy is a good source for federal rebates and, in Massachusetts, Mass Save helps qualifying homeowners save with 0% financing options on Energy Star certified windows. You can ask us via email or phone for details on how to get started with Mass Save.

    You can review the EPA’s Energy Star guidelines for tax credits, or check what’s available for rebates and credits from your state. The IRS -- who can forget them? -- also allows tax credits of 10% or up to $200 for qualified Energy Star certified windows, more here. Please consult your accountant or advisor for advice.

    6) Boosts resale value

    Replacing your home’s windows is an underestimated way to improve the potential resale value. According to the National Association of Realtors, window replacement projects can return homeowners more than 78% of the project costs upon resale. A window replacement could go a long way in creating value for you if you're looking to sell now, or even if you’re paying off your mortgage with the hope of an eventual payday years in the future. Bottom line is, if you have a dozen old windows around your otherwise well-manicured house, curb appeal will be dragged down.

    7) Lowers maintenance cleaning

    Admit it - your old windows are a pain to clean or you just don’t even try because it’s a lost cause. Maybe it’s difficult to reach your arm around or you’re precariously leaning outside to wash the exterior. Double hung windows from open and tilt for easy access to both sides of the window for cleaning. You’ll be done and looking through your squeaky clean windows in minutes.

    8) Reduces noise

    Drafty windows can also be loud windows. Maybe from a noisy neighbor? Car or foot traffic? Even street construction or planes overhead can be annoying. And, not to be a grinch, but children playing and dogs barking can stream through your window and disrupt your sleep or your morning coffee. Replacing your windows with dual pane glass windows that are properly sealed and installed can reduce the outside noise transmission into your home and save your sanity.

    9) Increases security from all outside elements

    New windows help protect your home - and no, we’re not just rabble rousing. There are all kinds of outside stresses to keep out. Older windows can pose a security threat. Maybe the locks are failing or have stopped working altogether. And what about the outside weather elements? As sun streams in through an old window the light and UV rays fade furniture, clothing, artwork, carpeting, and decorative curtains. Many replacement windows feature insulating double-pane glass that can block up to 94% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

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