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One of the first steps homeowners must take when starting a window installation is deciding on a window style. There are many window style options, and they all possess their own unique features. To help you understand your options, we’ve compiled 14 of the most common home window styles. You'll also find window prices and general costs included in this guide.

Mulled double hung windows with gridlines

Window Frame Designs

Single Hung ($150 - $400)

The single hung window style consists of a bottom sash that can be raised and lowered, and a stationary upper sash. This window type offers a similar appearance to double hung windows, but often at a lower cost, due to the more limited functionality. Single hung windows create a classic look in any home, and can often be installed with a variety of customizable grids.

Double Hung ($300-$900)

Double hung windows are the most popular and well-known window style, as they complement almost every style of home. Double hung windows are named based on their function. To open them, you simply slide a sash up and down. Each sash on the window operates independently, meaning the window can be opened both from the top and from the bottom. This factor is what distinguishes double hung windows from single hung windows, where only one of the two sashes is operable. When these windows are closed they can be securely locked with a variety of hardware locking mechanisms.

Awning & Hoppers ($300 - $700)

Awning windows have hinges at the top and open outward with a crank allowing them to catch breezes from any direction. Often times, homeowners will place an awning window above or below other windows to add architectural style, light, and ventilation to a room. Awning windows are also popular above or below windows that don’t open like a picture window.

Hopper windows are the sibling of awning windows, as they function in a similar way. This window style is hinged at the bottom, and opens into the home with a crank mechanism. Hopper windows are commonly found in small spaces in need of ventilation, such as bathrooms or basements. These windows often have a wide opening, allowing plenty of fresh air into the room.

Bay & Bow ($1,300 - $7,000)

Bay windows have a large center window flanked by two smaller windows - usually double hung or casement window - at an angle. Bay windows are the centerpieces of many great rooms and views, and project out from the wall providing an opportunity for additional light and a more spacious feel. This window type is suitable for any style home, as bay windows add charm to a traditionally designed home or create stunning views and sight lines in a contemporary setting.

Bow windows are elegant feats of architecture and design that extend out from the home and create expansive views. They consist of four or five windows that create the curved shape of the bow window. These windows are typically made up of a combination casement windows, which open outward. They differ from bay windows, which are typically composed of three windows and form a hexagonal angle rather than a curved shape. You’ll most often see bow windows in older homes, like a Victorian style home for example, but they really can be adapted for any room.

Casement ($250 - $900)

Casement windows have hinges on the side and open out to either side. They provide top-to-bottom ventilation in a similar way to an open door. Casement windows are typically taller than they are wide, in a similar fashion as double and single hung windows. This window type can installed individually, as part of a pair, or as a group of multiple windows. Casement windows are also commonly found above kitchen sinks.

Egress ($1,500 - $5,000)

Egress windows are a unique window type due to their very specific function. This window style is often required in finished basements and provides a route for entry and exit in case of an emergency. As these are often required by building codes, egress windows must meet specific criteria in terms of dimensions. While they are very functional windows, there are many elegant egress styles available for homeowners to choose from.

Garden ($1,500 - $4,000)

Garden windows, as the name suggests, provide a dedicated space for plants to flourish inside your house. This window style extends outward, creating a glass box that floods plants and rooms with natural light. Garden windows are often found above kitchen sinks, but they function as an eye-catching centerpiece in any room they are installed.

Picture ($150 - $850)

Picture windows are non-operational windows that are most often used as decoration, to let in additional light, and give the appearance of a more spacious room. They can be manufactured in almost any shape, and placed to enhance any view. Unlike other window designs, picture windows do not have a specific function makes them suited only for certain rooms in the house. They are an extremely versatile style that can be installed anywhere to increase access to natural light.

Shaped ($500 - $5,000)

As the name suggests, there are a variety of specialty window shapes and sizes available, and shaped windows can be manufactured in almost any design imaginable. The most popular styles of shaped windows include arched windows and round windows. Arched, or radius, windows are rectangular around the bottom and round, or arched, towards the top. Round windows are circular in shape, and can be created in a variety of custom sizes. Shaped windows often become the center of attention in any room they are installed, and some of the world’s most impressive architecture feature this type of window. This window style can be operable, with the ability to open and close, or completely stationary.

Skylight ($900 - $2,500)

Skylights are a gorgeous addition to any room, as they bring in incredible amounts of overhead natural light. This window style is installed on a roof, and its positioning means that it must be installed with careful consideration. Skylights can increase the temperature of a room, but this can be prevented with customizable tints, glazing and coatings. Additionally, skylights are offered in either stationary or operable styles, which open outward and release hot air accumulations near the ceiling.

Sliding ($200 - $1,300)

Sliding windows open horizontally and create a contemporary look in any room. These types of windows open with a sash sliding left to right, or vice versa. Many find this window style to be easier and more convenient to open than windows with vertically moving sashes. They are well suited for installation in modern style homes, but can function in virtually any home. Sliding windows are available in either single slider styles or double slider styles.

Storm ($350 - $800)

Storm windows are a unique style, as they are installed on either the inside or outside of existing windows in a house. They can be used to decrease the draftiness in a house, by blocking the flow of air in older windows, and often increase energy efficiency. Storm windows are a cheaper alternative to a complete window replacement, with similar energy bill savings.

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