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Replacement Awning Windows

Are you trying to learn about windows and what you may want for a renovation? This is the comprehensive guide to awning windows you never knew you needed. Below you’ll find information about how awning windows operate, how to recognize an awning window, how they are priced, and more.

About Replacement Awning Windows

Awning windows are single sashed frames that are hinged at the top and open outward. For most awning windows the width is greater than the height, and this aspect combined with the way these windows open is what creates the “awning” effect. The greatest appeal of awning windows is that they have greater ventilation potential than most other types of windows. They can stay open even if there is precipitation and the inside of your home will remain dry. The wide opening capability of an awning window makes it a great option for areas of the home where you need lots of ventilation like kitchens and bathrooms.

Awning windows are also frequently installed to bring light into the home because they are generally unobstructed by grids and let in more light or a clear view. Interior screens are compatible with awning windows due to their outward range of motion. It is also recommended that an unobstructed area be kept outside the window for it to continue to function properly, so be mindful of trees and shrubs when choosing where to install an awning window.

Pros & Cons


Special features will depend on the manufacturer you choose for your awning window, but general pros are:

Awning windows are a popular design and as such come in a selection of sizes from manufacturers. They can be placed higher than other windows, letting in more air and light. Awning windows are easy to open from the inside, but they are also very secure and are difficult to break into from the outside because of how they open. And of course, the biggest pro for many homeowners is that awning windows can let cool air into the home and keep water out when it rains.


Awning windows can be easy to run into if they are near a patio or outdoor gathering area. They also need to be cleaned more often than windows that open vertically.

How to Open Awning Windows

Historically, awning windows were held open with a plank, like the hood of an old car, but the technology has caught up to make the lives of homeowners easier. Awning windows nowadays open using the commonly employed crank mechanism, which makes them super easy to operate. The crank is controlled by using a fold down handle that glides the window open and closed. Due to how easy these windows are to open, they are often found in harder to reach places, like over a kitchen sink.

Glass Types

Most windows are double pane (with two layers of glass), but can be upgraded to triple pane for increased energy efficiency. This upgrade initially makes for a more expensive window, but over time lowers energy bills. Regardless of how many panes you choose, awning windows can also come with tempered glass and insulated glass upgrades as well. Tempered glass is stronger and can handle impact better than non-tempered glass. Insulated glass contributes to energy efficiency and can retain heat better than non-insulated glass.


Vinyl windows are on the less expensive side of the price spectrum, whereas wood and composite frames will be more expensive. Wood and composite frames are stronger than vinyl, but if you compare longevity and upkeep of materials vinyl and composite will not deteriorate due to weathering as quickly as wood. If your priority is weatherproofing even the most extreme conditions and achieving high energy efficiency, explore the unique fiberglass offerings from each manufacturer. If you want a statement piece, wood windows are an effective choice that also hold value in sturdiness.

Replacement Awning Windows Pricing

The price can vary from brand to brand depending on frame material and other features, but a general price range for an awning window can be between $600 and $1200.

The type of awning window that will work best for you will depend on your functional needs, design goals and your budget. Awnings are a popular style due to their aesthetic appeal of unobstructed views and their functional value, so brands often have multiple styles available to be personalized to complement your home.

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