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Replacement Bay Windows

Bay windows have a large center window flanked by two smaller windows - usually a double hung or casement window - at an angle. Bay windows are the centerpieces of many great rooms and views, and project out from the wall providing an opportunity for additional light and a more spacious feel. They can bring fresh air, lots of sunlight, and beautiful views to any part of the home. Bay windows can also create a window seat in living rooms or bedrooms, or they can add curb appeal when installed in the front rooms of a house. Appreciated by all, bay windows can add charm to a traditionally designed home or create great views and sight lines in a contemporary setting. Read below for more information on the features, pros and cons, price, and other details of bay windows.

Bay window with trees

About Replacement Bay Windows

The bay window is a highly sought after home feature that is simultaneously sophisticated and simple in design. Bay windows are composed of three windows that make up a half hexagon and extend outward from the face of the home. Bay windows are different from bow windows, which are composed of four or five windows and form a flatter and more curved shape. Bay windows offer great views and seamlessly make the outdoors the focal point of any room.

Bay Windows Pros and Cons

  • They bring in sunlight from several directions because each of the three individual windows faces a different angle.
  • They extend out substantially more than any other type of window and add square footage to your home.
  • They are an attractive feature and have great curb appeal.
  • They can increase your return on investment.
  • The added sunlight can be good as long as you have high energy rated glass, otherwise you could see an uptick in your energy bills.
  • They tend to be more expensive, but are also a strong investment.
  • They require a more labor intensive installation.

How to Operate Bay Windows

Bay windows have a large stationary picture window in the center that does not open and double hung or casement windows on either side. Double hung windows are traditional windows that open by sliding up and down vertically, and casement windows open by swinging outward.

Bay Window Glass Types

Most windows are double pane (with two layers of glass), but can be upgraded to triple pane for increased energy efficiency. Bay windows with either casement or double hung flanks can be triple pane. This upgrade initially makes for a more expensive window, but over time lowers energy bills. Regardless of how many panes you choose, bay windows can also come with tempered glass and insulated glass upgrades as well. Tempered glass is stronger and can handle impact better than non-tempered glass. Insulated glass contributes to energy efficiency and can retain heat better than non-insulated glass.

Bay Window Frame Materials

Bay windows are manufactured in all of the common window materials, including vinyl, wood, as well as composite fiberglass. Vinyl windows are on the less expensive side of the price spectrum, whereas wood and composite frames will be more expensive. Wood and composite frames are stronger than vinyl, but if you compare longevity and upkeep of materials vinyl and composite will not deteriorate due to weathering as quickly as wood. If your priority is weatherproofing even the most extreme conditions and achieving high energy efficiency, explore the unique fiberglass offerings from each manufacturer. If you want a statement piece, wood windows are an effective choice that also hold value in sturdiness. The material you choose for your bay window will depend on your budget and style preferences. Brands differ substantially in the colors, grids, and other features they offer, so the material you choose will depend on the design options you want for your window.

About Replacement Bay Windows

Pricing can vary by brand and depends on frame material and customizations, but a general price range for a bay window is between $5,000 and $7,000 dollars.

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