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Picture Replacement Windows

Picture windows are non-operational windows that are most often used as decoration, to let in additional light, and give the appearance of a more spacious room. They can be manufactured in almost any shape, and placed to enhance any view. Below is information on the features, pros and cons, price, and other details of picture windows you’ll need to determine your new window choice.

Picture window illustration

About Replacement Picture Windows

Picture windows are single paned, stationary windows that bring in more natural light than other windows styles, in addition to increasing the decorative appeal of a room. They do not open but are a great choice if you want to create new or more expansive views in your home.

Locating Picture Windows In Your Home

Unlike other window designs, picture windows do not have a specific function makes them suited only for certain rooms in the house. They are an extremely versatile style that can be installed anywhere to increase access to natural light.


Picture windows are a highly popular window style and as a result are manufactured in all of the common window materials, including vinyl, wood, and composite fiberglass. Vinyl windows are on the less expensive side of the price spectrum, whereas wood and composite frames will be more expensive. The material you choose for your window installation will depend on budget and style preferences. Brands differ substantially in the colors, glass, and other customization features offered, so the material you choose will also depend on the design options you are looking for.

Pros & Cons

  • A large benefit of picture windows is their decorative purpose, so they can be manufactured in a variety of shapes.
  • The simple composition and lack of moving parts allows picture windows to be much larger than other types of windows.
  • Picture windows are highly weatherproof because they do not open and therefore do not need to be resealed.
  • Picture windows are often cheaper than operable windows of the same size.

  • Picture windows do not open, and as a result offer no ventilation.
  • The added sunlight from large picture windows can be positive as long as you have high energy rated glass, otherwise you could see an uptick in your energy bills.

Picture Windows Price

Pricing can vary by brand and depends on frame material and customizations, but a general price range for a picture window is between $500 and $1,500.

Here are the typical prices from popular brands, including installation:

Harvey Classic Picture - $550
Harvey Majesty Picture - $750
Andersen 400 Series Picture - $1,000
Marvin Integrity Wood-Ultrex Picture - $1,000

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